18 July 2012

More Salsa!

We have now canned well over five gallons of salsa this year!!  We've used jelly jars, pint jars, and here you can see some "party size" quarts being canned.  We also do the canning on the back porch using the Coleman camp stove.  It helps keep the heat out of the kitchen. 

The camp stove does a great job for canning.

Here are some 'party size' jars of salsa coming to a boil.
As I took the tomato peels and other scraps out to the compost pile, I noticed that I'll probably be needing to pick tomatoes again tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. That looks great! You won't run out soon. I'm glad to see you using a coleman stove, I was thinking of using ours but wasn't sure it would hold up under the weight of the canner