19 June 2015

Check out the latest issue of Backwoods Home Magazine!

Friends,  I've been writing for Backwoods Home Magazine for, well, since they and I were a lot younger!  They've been kind enough to publish dozens and dozens of my articles over the years.  That writing was the impetus for compiling, editing, expanding, and adding to create the book "The Self-Reliant Homestead".

In their latest issue, they have printed an article I recently submitted on the building of our off-grid cabin!  I am also working on an additional installment or two on  completing the cabin interior, and on the electrical / heating / water set up that is underway.  I hope you will check out that great magazine.  It's been around for a long time, with good reason.

Find them at www.backwoodshome.com . Of course, I encourage you to subscribe!