01 November 2014

Progress on the Cabin!

The past couple of days have been hectic ones.  My friend for whom I work part-time brought his crew over and they did the lion's share of work on erecting our cabin.  I helped where needed, fetched lumber, held the 'dumb end' of the tape measure, cut some boards, etc.  Friday was cold, windy, and wet...a fairly miserable day, but the guys plugged away throughout the day.
Treated plywood went down first.  Then came a layer of insulation board and a 3/4" waterproof floor decking.
The wall framing went quickly with all hands assisting.
Inside looking out. It snowed on us this day.
Saturday was much nicer, weather wise.  It was still cold and blustery, but drier!  A lot of good work got done by all hands.
Today, the roof went on.
The metal roof goes on quickly.
I think we'll really enjoy the front and back porches!
The boys gathered up the scraps for a fire, then enjoyed the chili soup my wife brought over!
This is a view of the cabin as we enter the field.
Next, we'll do a bit of wiring--one circuit for a few 12 volt items and lights, another with a few outlets to use when we have our generator with us.  I'll be adding the wall insulation soon as well.  The cabin will have house wrap applied, then the siding.  It's moving along nicely, but there is plenty more to go.  I'll try to keep you posted.

First Snow of the Year!

We got a brief spell of snow on the afternoon of 31 October!  Here is some photographic proof!