01 July 2012

A Bit of a Break

Patti and I took off yesterday for one of the places we like to visit, New Harmony, Indiana.  The little town began back in the early 1800's as a 'utopian community'.  The folks who lived there were called Rappites.  I haven't studied much about them beyond that.  I know that the town was later a base for 'artists and writers' and more or less cater to that philosophy to date.  There are many buildings still there from the early days--log cabins, old brick structures, etc. 

We went there with the idea of doing some kayaking on the Wabash River.  Normally, the Wabash River isn't too inviting a place for kayaking, but the absence of rain and resulting low water levels made for an interesting trip.  Down there, in the 'toe' of the state, the river is wide and sandy.  There are lots of sandbars, but few trees right along the river.  We braved the 105-degree temperatures as long as we could, then paddled back down to the boat ramp, loaded our gear, and headed up into town.

This old iron bridge across the Wabash River is a privately owned toll bridge.  It was just recently closed until repairs can be made to it.

Patti on the Wabash River

A mussel shell found near one of the sandbars.

On a sandbar along the Wabash River.  Technically, I am standing in Illinois.

I enjoy seeing gardens.  These shots are of demonstration gardens in the village area.

Here grow pole beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, and other vegetables.

Another view of the garden beds

These are some half-runner beans.  The poles are only about four or five feet tall.

A handmade table in one of the shops.
This table is made from pallet lumber, old barrel staves, and sawmill offbear.  The asking price does not reflect its humble origins.  It does offer some ideas for home craftsmen and potential home businesses.

After we re-loaded the kayaks, we drove the few blocks up into town with the idea of looking at some of the old houses and gardens, then having lunch and stopping in some of the little shops.  Typical of these types of places, I found the prices in the shops a couple of economic planes higher than mine.  So we did a lot of looking, but no buying!  We did have really nice lunch at a place we like, not too pricey and very good food.  All in all, it was a very good day.


  1. New Harmony is a great little town. My sister was married at the roofless church. I spent a lot of time camping at Harmony State Park when I was a child...

  2. We try to visit once or twice a year. We enjoy the almost 'colonial' feel of the old buildings and homes. The trip was fun, despite the heat! Thanks, friends, for checking in.