07 July 2012

Another Hot One!

I think we've recorded a record high temperature for our place here.  It was hot when we got up this morning...and humid.  As the temps rose this morning, some of the humidity burned off, but it was still hot!  The pic below shows our thermometer monitor this afternoon...even it was panting!

I'm glad we got the hay put up before noon and while it was still in the 100-102 degree range!

Stay cool and pray for rain.


  1. the last three days we have gotten some rain-but not the kind of rain we have been desiring and praying for..last night i had to go out and stake the sunflowers and the tobacco and set things right elsewhere in the gardens..the rain we have been getting have been gully washers with high winds; and the humidity that follows is enough to make a person feel as though they are drowning or being steam cleaned to death. i keep telling myself that it is bettr than nothing-and it is. at least while i was doing the cleanup in the gardens last night it was while we had a little cool to wear while working and better than in the house where there was several hours of power outage going on. once i was finished with the work i almost fell asleep on the back porch swing.

  2. Thanks for the comments, hang in there!