26 July 2012

A Quick Post!

I've lagged here in getting things posted. 

But yesterday evening we got busy and got some things done.  First, I racked 5 gallons of wine and re-attached the air lock to let it work out any last fermentation.  Then, Patti and I canned about three more gallons of zesty salsa that she had made the evening before.  Once we had all that done, I readied the ingredients for a batch of homemade vanilla ice cream.  It's done and ripening in the freezer and will be ready for the weekend! 

Tonight, I ran over to some friends' house to drop off a couple of jars of salsa and a recipe that their daughter had asked for.  We had them all over for supper a weekend or so ago and she liked the chicken and rice casserole that Patti fixed.  Visited for an hour or so, sitting in the waning light and watching some lightning of a (hopefully) approaching rainstorm.

Please pray for rain.


  1. that is alot of salsa!! :) today i started up with the canner..put up 5 half gallon jars of homemade chili with beef. then did up three quarts of chicken meat...gonna do the broth into some chicken and veg. soup tomorrow and have five huge beef roasts to can when they get thawed out...been busy putting up greenbeans and okra too. we have been very lucky here in n.e.mississippi and although it is really hot and humid, we have had rain off and on this summer. of course, even with the rain, i have had to water the gardens twice a day all summer. most that i am getting from the gardens is very flavorful, but also small in size so i am looking at planting some more seed while we have time left of the season.

  2. wow! I am impressed with all the meat canning. We have done some canning of meat, usually the 'stew meat' from having a beef butchered. We don't grow much okra here, just a few folks. I like it, especially fried or added to turtle soup. Canning the chili is a good idea. It's always popular around here! Thanks for checking in.