04 July 2012

From the Garden

The garden is suffering from the prolonged, extreme heat and lack of rain.  Any storms that have popped up have skirted around us to the north or south.  As a result, the garden is gasping.  I went out this morning and picked a mess of greenbeans, but even those are below average quality and quantity.  The tomatoes are trying to bear but are also suffering the effects of the drought.  I was able to pick some nice green peppers and pulled a few baseball-sized onions.  Patti mixed some of the peppers, onions, and some tomatoes together with some vinegar, oil, sugar and herbs and made a great salad for our lunch.  Fresh and nutritious!

While in the garden, I also pulled the few weeds I found and cut the broccoli back, in hopes of getting a few more florets before the heat bedraggled plants give out.

We are expected to experience a few more days of 102-104 degree temperatures before it 'moderates' and drops into the mid to upper 90s!  To make it worse, the humidity is creeping upwards, creating more normal July-in-southern-Indiana-like weather!  The word 'sweltering' comes to mind!  But, it could be worse...at least we are not without electrical power like the hundreds of thousands in the East.

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