07 August 2012

Pizza! Pizza!

It may seem like tomatoes and tomato products have dominated the blog so far as garden crops go.  Well, I guess that's a fact.  Our tomatoes are just about the only crop that has done well in the parched garden this year.  So, since we have gallons of salsa already put back, Patti has turned her hand towards making pizza sauce.  Below is part of a slow cooker full of the sauce.  The main ingredients--the tomatoes, onions, and peppers all came from the garden.  The seasonings, we buy in bulk from the nearby Amish grocery store.
Homemade pizza sauce.
 Since the sauce was homemade, Patti also wanted to make the dough.  So, below are some pictures of the 'trial run'.  We sampled two or three different kinds of pizzas and discussed whether the sauce needed to be 'tweaked' a bit.  I really enjoy being the Guinea pig for these culinary experiments!  It's hard for me to be too critical with pizza sauce dripping off my chin!

A pepperoni pizza and a veggie version.

Pepperonis, jalapenos, onions, and cheese top this pie.
 Once the formula is perfected, we'll make more and can it up into pint jars.  A pint will make a couple of pizzas.  The dough recipe is also a success as evidenced by the crust in the picture above.

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