02 August 2012

A Neat Book

Some time ago, I made mention here of a really good blog I'd found--Rural Revolution (www.rural-revolution.com).  The blog author, Patrice Lewis, has also written a book titled "The Simplicity Primer--365 ideas for making life more livable"

I bought a copy of the book and have been reading it over the past couple of months.  In "The Simplicity Primer", Ms. Lewis has written short essays that do, indeed, give us some great ideas for simplifying our increasingly hectic lives.  Her insightful writing deals with commonly hectic areas you might expect, like home life, children, work, and leisure.  It also touches on other areas that may be well in need of simplification like relationships and spirituality.  She even writes about 'being green' and does so in her practical, down-to-earth writing style. I especially enjoyed the sections on "Radical Simplicity" and "Amazing Grace" and re-read them as I went along.

I highly recommend the book.  I think you'll enjoy the solid, simple, and grounded words of advice and encouragement it contains.  Once you read it, I think you will be drawn into implementing many of the suggestions to help you to simplify your own life.  Feel free to let me (and Ms. Lewis) know how you like it.

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