15 June 2012


Rural-Revolution is a blog I found a good while back.  It has become a daily read for me.  The author is Patrice Lewis, who lives with her family in northern Idaho.  Patrice has also written a book that I have been reading called "The Simplicity Primer".  I plan to do a more thorough review of it soon, but for now, suffice it to say that it is packed with some great information on simplifying our hectic lives!  To add to that, she is a regular contributor to World Net Daily!  A very busy lady!  I recommend her blog, her book and her writings.  She seems to be a very down to earth woman blessed with an uncommon amount of common sense!


  1. Hello, Charles!

    I'm a Patrice Lewis reader, too, and it's great to 'meet you.' Your blog is delightful.

    If you listen to Patrice you're obviously a man of good sense and clearly your Mama raised you right. LOL

    I'll be back!

    A. McSp

  2. As of this morning, I'm longer able to connect to Patrice's Rural Revolution website (rural-revolution.com). Now a financing site comes up.
    Has a mutiny occurred? A hostile takeover of the domain name?

    Even trying to Google it gets me nowhere.

    Sorry to use your blog to get this word out, but we gotta stick together on this! Thanks.

    Steve Davis
    Anchorage, Alaska

    1. Hi Steve. Thanks for your post. That's why I'm here. I imagine we'll find there's been a hitch in somebody's getalong ...other than Patrice's, I predict....what..? me? biased? lol
      Standing by with you and many others.

      A. McSp

    2. Also standing by in WV to see what's what. :)