15 June 2012

It's Dry!

Our area is experiencing drought conditions.  It is actually early in the year to be seeing things this dry, but we deal with what we get.  There have been some burn bans put in place for some of the counties around us.  The last rain we received amounted to about a half-inch.  It's all welcome, but we sure could use some more.

The garden is well mulched and that is helping to hold moisture, but I'm keeping an eye on that.  The pole beans are really vining and blooming and the tomatoes are starting to turn.  We should have some fresh beans and 'maters really soon.

Below is a shot of the first few blackberries of the season.  I hope to get enough off the young plants to make a cobbler or two, or maybe a batch of wine.  I had a handful with breakfast this morning.

The first berries...and lots more to come!


  1. excellent! I just finished making 2 dozen jars of blackberry jelly and a dozen jars of blackberry syrup (also known as jelly that didn't set LOL) In NC, we'll still be able to pick a few more, but most have alrady ripened. My next task with the blackberries is to prune back that canes that produced so well this year!

  2. there is not much better than blackberry jelly on a hot biscuit! Definitely worth the effort!