05 June 2012

Repairs, etc.

It's been one of those spells where everything seems to need fixing.  First, darling daughter had an altercation with a mailbox in the Jeep.  Robby and I rounded up the parts and got that fixed and the new windshield is being put in today.  Yesterday, I picked up the Snapper mower from Wagler's Small Engine, where it had some gears replaced.  Finally, our Ford 2000 tractor had to have a new water pump put in.  All in all, the repairs pretty well exhausted our 'extra money'.  Oh well, we were blessed to have a bit stuck back for just these kinds of little emergencies.

Jeep Repair.

Our Ford 2000 tractor.  It has served us well for many years.

Yesterday evening, I headed over to a friend's house to drop off some shelving that I had stored in my outbuilding.  I had used all of it I needed and my friend had said he could use my leftovers in his building full of antiques.  We unloaded the shelving, then went on up to his barn where we loaded a dozen bales of straw--the remainder of his last year's straw--onto my trailer.  He will be putting in hundreds of bales of new straw soon.  I will use the bales in the next few days to mulch our garden.  I also gave a few of them to my neighbor to use on his garden.  He loaned me his trailer to make this run.

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