03 May 2012

More gardening!

Wow, summer like temps yesterday and today...upper 80's to around 90.  I replaced a pepper plant and a tomato plant that ended up not making it through the hailstorm last Saturday evening.  Considering the storm, that isn't too bad a casualty count.  Talked with my neighbor who was doing the same thing, and offered him my left over Roma tomato plants.  I also urged him to make use of our rows of lettuce, we can't keep up with them.  A feller can eat only so many salads!

This afternoon, I also transplanted a 'pup' from our aloe vera plant.  As soon as it takes root, I'll try to find a new home for it.

I simply used an old table fork to lift the 'pup' from the soil.

Once the new plant takes root, I'll find it a new home.
This evening, we went up to Bloomington and moved most of Darling Daughter's stuff home from I.U. for the summer.  She has one final exam tomorrow, then will head home with what's left.

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