12 May 2012

Gardening, etc.

I picked up a roll of short poultry netting yesterday at the Orscheln store.  Got it put up around the pole beans to keep the rabbits from nibbling the plants.  Moved the tomato cages to their regular and prescribed duty of serving in a valuable support role (literally) for the tomato plants.

We have a pair of persistent Robins.  They insisted on building again this year right on top of my motion-activated floodlight located just over the walk-in door of the shop.  I put up with them until they got their first brood up and out of the nest.  Then I removed the nest.  In no time, they were back and trying to start another nest.  I thwarted their attempts for a couple of days, but came home one afternoon to find that in just that one day, the pair had pretty well constructed an entire nest of grass and mud.  OK, OK!  One more brood and that's it!  I'll just keep an eye out as I go into the shop.  Oh, I also have to keep the grass 'trimmed' from in front of the sensor eye.  Otherwise, the light is on half the night as the wind blows the grass around!

The second nest built by our persistent robins.

Our young blueberry bushes are beginning to bear.

Late this afternoon, I went over and helped a friend and his son-in-law in getting some hay baled.  Before I had to leave, we had moved several implements to get to the baler, greased it up, made some adjustments, took it out to the field, attached the power head, moved the team of six big Belgians, made a couple of rounds, checking bales, etc.  I had to leave as the neighbor was headed back out to the field with his pair of horses to rake some more.  Believe it or not, I'll miss not getting to help throw the bales onto the wagon and into the barn.  Oh well, there is more hay do get in, the season is young.

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