04 April 2012

What a Spring!

We have had some incredibly warm weather already this spring. Temps have been in the 80's on several occasions and the farmers in the area are way ahead of schedule in getting planting done.

I have tilled the garden and sowed some lettuce and spinach seed. A half dozen broccoli plants are set out, with rabbit-deterring cages around them. I even planted some old Blue Lake Pole Bean seed that i found in the freezer where I store extra seed. It was dated 1997, so it is sort of an experiment to see if it even germinates!

The blackberries are getting ready to burst into bloom and the blueberries have already bloomed and are dropping flowers. One of the newer apple trees has bloomed nicely. We;ll see what develops. More importantly, we'll see what April brings in the way of cold snaps. Around here, our frost date is about 10 May.

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