26 February 2015

More Work On the Cabin!

Well, it seems like I've done it again.  Another long, dry spell without posting.  Like a lot of the country, we've been in the icy grip of winter and we're way past wishing Spring would arrive.  We've had a rough February, as it seems that most of the winter has been saved for these past few weeks. As weather permits, we've been continuing to work on the cabin, and I've been designing the modest off-grid electrical system for it.

Below are a few pictures of progress on the cabin.  As spring arrives, We'll be finishing up the cabin itself and I'll be adding a water system, a privy, and an outdoor shower.  Please stay tuned!

The cabin is coming along.  Here, the house wrap, windows, and doors are installed.

With no electricity on-site, we've relied on our generator and a gas powered air compressor to run the tools.

We got a good deal on three of these brand new windows.

Here you can see the LP Smart Side (R) siding installed.
The small square high on the wall is where the stove pipe will exit.

In addition to warming us up, we used the kerosene heater to heat our tea and soup.
The small piece of flashing was hung over the grill to direct the heat upwards
towards the soup and tea kettle.

The walls have been insulated;
 here I staple in the thick batts of insulation in the ceiling.


  1. Looks great! I have a question about the roof insulation. Does the top side of the insulation sit against the underside of the metal roofing? Or is there a barrier?

    Thanks for the updates.

  2. There is a layer of foil-backed bubble insulation between the insulation and the metal roofing. It is applied over the purlins and beneath the metal roofing. It comes in a roll about 8-feet wide. I think I have a photo of it. If I locate that, I'll post it.Thanks for checking in!

    1. In fact, in the final photo, you can see the non-reflective bottom side of the barrier. I'll still try to locate a better shot.