09 September 2012

Recent Events

It seems that busy-ness has been getting in the way of posting here, so here is an attempt to catch up somewhat.

First, I'm happy to report that we have been getting some sorely needed rain.  After Hurricane Isaac became Tropical Storm Isaac, then moved inland and up the Mississippi Valley to become big, bad storm Isaac, we got the first significant rainfall in months.  In a few days, we got nearly three inches of rain.  Then, just over the past day or so, we got another two inches!  That is more rainfall than we've had all summer!!  Behind this last front came some really nice weather, so we've been enjoying blue skies and clouds and temps in the 70-degree range...outstanding!

I recently visited the weekly Friday night sale at Dinky's, over north of Cannelburg.  I took some friends over for the evening and we saw all kinds of stuff selling in the six auction rings going at one time.  I usually just go for the social event that it is, but I couldn't pass up bidding on the items in the picture below.  I scored the like-new Coleman campstove for $7.50 and the big canner for $3.00!  I was tickled with the buys.

On Saturday morning, Patti and I headed to the White River Valley Antique Association's 28th Annual Show, in Elnora.  I didn't take a lot of photos there, but the place was packed.  Hundreds of vintage tractors of every make, along with the old village and demonstrations of sorghum pressing and cooking, steam threshing and other old time activities were seen.  Below are just a couple of shots of the flea market area.

This lady had all kinds of old jugs and crocks for sale.

In the center of this photo, you can see a long line of butter churns for sale.
Below is a video of some folks cooking down apple butter.  I actually shot this at last year's show, but they were back and doing their thing again on Saturday.  The kettle is about two and a half feet across.  The stirring paddle is powered by a small engine in back. 

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