12 May 2010

Where we live right now, our garden space is limited. But we managed to have plenty of tomatoes and green beans last year, and I expanded our space this year. Of course, we have the kitchen salad garden of radishes, spinach, lettuce, green onions, cukes, and such. It's always fun to plan and plant, but I usually end up planting too early. Even with thirty-some years of gardening under my belt, I still give in to those spring warm spells and set out some tomato and pepper plants. Then, I scramble around finding enough buckets and pots to cover the plants with when those final frosts come!

FYI--You (and I) will be better off to wait until the soil is warmed to put those temperature-sensitive plants in the ground. The plants that are set out later will quickly make up the difference and do as well or better than the plants that were put out earlier, but in cold soil. I'm just saying!

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